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Q:  Will cleaning the mattress get rid of my allergies permanently?

A:  No, mattress cleaning is not a cure for your allergies but it can minimise episodes of allergic attacks and lessen the effects.  We have a lot of customers who have not been bothered by their allergies since getting their mattress cleaned.  For long-term help for your allergies though, you will still need to consult a medical professional.

Q:  When do I need to clean my mattress?

A:  Manufacturers recommend cleaning your mattresses every 6 months.

Q:  Can I clean the mattress myself using my own vacuum cleaner?

A:  To effectively extract dirt and allergens that have been embedded in your mattress, more powerful and specialised equipment are needed.  Our cleaning solutions are also specially made to sanitise and disinfect without any harmful toxins.

Q:  How long will it take to clean my mattress?

A:  A single mattress usually takes about 15-20 minutes and a double mattress 30 minutes.

Q:  Are there any discounts if I have more than one mattress cleaned?

A:  Yes, we offer packages for cleaning multiple mattresses.

Q:  Can old mattresses still be cleaned and restored?

A:  Yes, we have successfully cleaned and refreshed even old and filthy mattresses.  Old mattresses have a greater number of pests and allergens, but our process, equipment and solutions have proven effective at extraction and disinfection.

Q:  Can protective mattress covers keep allergens and germs from my mattress?

A:  If you use the cover on a new or freshly cleaned mattress, there is a good possibility that it can prevent allergens and pests from settling in your mattress.  However, this will not keep the mattress clean forever; it will still need regular deep cleaning.  The danger of using the cover on an old uncleaned mattress is that the mattress is most likely already contaminated and covering it will merely foster the growth of the mould, bacteria and fungus.

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